The Solar Eclipse (pre production) Lead Misan Akuya
Dumb Laws (Short)

Spider (Short)

Hollywood Rain (Music Video)

Lead (V.O)

Lead (V.O)


Misan Akuya

Misan Akuya

Amy Campione

Elsewhere (Short) Lead Misan Akuya
Mastery (Short) Lead Misan Akuya
I’m A Vampire (Short) Lead (V.O) Misan Akuya
The Anarchist Theory (Short) Supporting Hamza Sabri
Koming From Afrika Supporting Robert G. Christie
Growing Up In Two Supporting Kazar Coleman
Troop 491: The Adventures Of The Muddy Lions Supporting Praheme
A Split Personality Supporting June Daguiso & Connie Lamothe
Lincoln Supporting Steven Spielberg


The Morenos                     Lead (V.O)

Hardships of the Heart Lead (V.O)

Manic Mansion            Lead  (V.O)

One Big Happy Supporting David Trainer
Veep Supporting Tim Kirkby


The Unmentionables Supporting Montgomery College Theatre
Big Love Supporting Montgomery College Theatre
The Nativity Story Supporting Maryland community theatre

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