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Looking for nice wedding photos?   Need some cool pictures of your event on your website?    A musician looks for great photos of your last show?  Or maybe you want filmed?  Are you a skateboarder or surfer that wants to document your adventure in a cinematic way?  Or you are in a bank that wants a music video done and their shows filmed with cinematic quality.

I am your guy.

At MA Entertainment, it is my purpose to deliver cinematic quality with my photography and videography.  As you can see from my photos and short films, that is extremely import to me.

I am flexible, willing to work long hours, and most importantly, effective.  We have several packages that you can choose from with some including the Red Dragon option.

I also shoot video conversations, PSAs, and video training materials.


Headshots: $50 for three headshots.

Wedding photos: $25 an hour

Concert photos: $100 a night

Music, Surf, Skateboard, PSAs, video conversations, wedding videos, concert films, and video training materials : $500 a day without Red package,  $1,000 with Red package (this includes editing)


Contact me at with your project and I will see what I can for you.

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