Misan Akuya












Oversoul Lord (Optioned)              Writer/Director/Producer/Lead            Misan Akuya


Escape Velocity (Optioned)            Writer/Director/Producer/Lead           Misan Akuya


False Affairs (Pre Production)        Supporting                                             TBA


Shapeshifter (Short)                        Lead                                                       David Kam


Dumb Laws (Short)                        Writer/Director/Producer/Lead (V.O)  Misan Akuya


The Monrenos  (Web Series)            Lead (V.O)


Hardship Of The Heart (Web Series   Lead (V.O)                                  


Manic Mansion (Web Series)          Lead  (V.O)                                         Misan Akuya


Spider (Post Production)                 Writer/Director/Producer/Lead (V.O) Misan Akuya


True To The Game (Filming)          Supporting                                           Preston A. Whitmore II


Hollywood Rain (Music Video)      Supporting                                           Amy Campione


Elsewhere (short)           Writer/Director/Producer/ Composer/Lead          Misan Akuya


One Big Happy (T.V)                       Co star                                                 David Trainer


Mastery (short)                                 Writer /Director/Producer/Lead          Misan Akuya


I’m a Vampire (short)                       Writer/Director//Producer/Lead (V.O)Misan Akuya


The Anarchist Theory (short)           Supporting                                           Hamza Sabri


Koming from Afrika                        Supporting                                           Robert Christie


Growing up in Two                          Supporting                                           Kazar Coleman


Troop 491                                         Supporting                                           Praheme


A Split Personality                            Supporting                                           June Daguiso  & Connie Lamothe


Veep  (T.V)                                      Co star                                                  Tim Kirkby


Lincoln                                             Supporting                                           Steven Spielberg                                          






Edgar Allan Poe’s Politian (radio play) Voice Director/Multiple roles (V.O)  Misan Akuya


The Unementionables                       The Doctor                                        Montgomery College


Big Love                                           Groom                                               Montgomery College


The Nativity Story                            The Shepard                                      Maryland community theatre






Outgoing class                          Anthony Meindl Acting Workshop       Sean Riley


Intro class                                 Anthony Meindl Acting Workshop       Kevin Oestenstad


Film Major                                        Santa Monica College


Theatre Major                                   Montgomery College


Comedy Workshop                           Santa Monica College                      Professor Terrin Lynch      


Master Class                                      Santa Monica College                      Professor Harrop


Movement                                        Montgomery College                        Professor Kenyatta      


Fundamentals of Acting                   Montgomery College                        Professor Aaron Olnick     


Intermediate Acting                          Montgomery College                        Professor Susan Hoffman 






Guitar, Drums, Piano, Clarinet, Bass Guitar, Auto Racing, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Horseback riding, Accent: British, Posh, Cockney, Spanish, Australian, Minnesota, Japanese, West African, South African.  




Theatrical Agent : Michael Zanuck Agency: 323-377-9226  Commercial Agent: Ideal Talent: (818) 306-9223 




Voice Over Agent: Idiom Talent: 888-800-8070   Manager: Gloverzone DL Pictures: 310-382-6897